Weight Loss Surgery Services

Who should be considered for weight loss surgery?

The following guidelines for selecting patients for obesity surgery were established by the National Institute of Health:

Patients should exceed ideal body weight by approximately 100 pounds (45.5 kg) or 100% above ideals body weight.

  1. Patients should have no known metabolic (chemical breakdown of food into energy) or endocrine (hormone) causes for the morbid obesity.
  2. Patients should have an objectively measurable complication (physical, psychological, social, or economic) that might benefit from weight reduction. This includes hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes (too much sugar in the blood), heart disease, breathing problems or lung disease, sleep apnea (snoring) and arthritis, just to name a few.
  3. The patient should understand the full importance of the proposed surgical procedure including suspected risks and complications.
  4. The patient should be willing to be observed and followed by a medical professional for many years.
  5. The patient should have attempted weight reduction using medical treatment without success.

In some instances, a patient who is not quite 100 pounds or 100% above the ideal body weight is a candidate for surgical intervention. This patient should have a significant medical problem(s) that could benefit from weight reduction.

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